Current Selection:

A Raisin in the Sun

Lorraine Hansberry

Tuesday, March 28, 8-9 PM EST


Upcoming Selections:

April 25, 2023

May 9 & 16, 2023

Summer 2023


What kinds of books you we read? 

Well, canonical books! But seriously, we read a variety of books, old and new, from different countries. The only non-negotiable aspect is that they must be great. Most of the books are nominated and voted on by the group. Here is a list of all the selections. 

Do I have to read every book?

No. We're all busy. Sometime life gets in the way. Join us when you can. Feel free to skip a book if you'd like to.

How often are the chats? Where are the chats?

Generally, when we are discussing a book, there is one week between chats. If the book is longer, it may be two weeks. We chat on Twitter using the hashtag #CanonChat.

When are the chats?

All chats are scheduled for Tuesday nights at 8:00 PM EST. They generally last an hour. 

How do I join?

Just show up for a scheduled chat! But if you'd like to add your name to the list, click here.

Can I co-host a chat?

Yes, please! Generally this simply involves helping to write questions and to respond to others during the chat. Let @MatRyanELATeach know if you're interested.